Here at "Thou Hast Ordained Praise", there is a lot of time that goes into writing each story and doing the layout for each book. By the time we write your story, scan your pictures into the computer, make the pictures the correct size and resolution for the book, lay the book out, design the cover, and upload the book to be printed, we are looking at alot of time. We want our services to be affordable for everyone, though, because we really want to encourage children to use their artistic abilities to glorify the Heavenly Father. Our minimum suggested donation for designing a 32-page book for you is $35, which can be sent by check or done through credit card or directly over paypal.

Once we design a book for you, you can then order as many copies of the book as you want. We try to limit the size of our books to 32 pages (which is the smallest size we can do for a perfect-bound book), in order to keep your cost for books at a minimum. Once we get your books printed, we make them available to you at cost, which is an average of $12 to $16 a book (for full color books), plus shipping and handling. There is always the option of black and white books, which are much more cost-effective to print. Black and white books do include a full color cover. We highly recommend opting to do full-color illustrations for the whole book, though, because of our desire to work with you on encouraging your children artistically, boosting their self-confidence, and helping them to be excited about reaching their full potential.