Illustration Guidelines

Be sure that you read these guidelines BEFORE you start drawing your illustrations.

1. Illustrations must be done on clean white sheets of standard 8" by 11" paper. Only draw on one side of the paper. Each picture should be on its own sheet.

2. Illustrations should be done in clear bold colors. Markers, crayons, pastels, or paint may be used to do illustrations. Please be careful not to do colors that are too light though. Very very light yellows or pinks, for example, may not show up correctly. Please be sure that your colors show up dark enough.

3. Illustrations should not include any text, such as writing on people's clothing, a picture of a book with writing on it, text bubbles, etc. Please limit your illustrations to artwork only.

4. Illustrations should NOT be folded. Please keep sheets of paper flat, and mail them to us in an envelope marked "Do Not Bend". It may also be wise to slide a piece of cardboard in the envelope with your illustrations to ensure that they do not get bent.

5. You may do your own cover artwork, or we can provide the cover artwork.

6. Because we do not know what Messiah looks like, and in deference to the command to not make an image to worship, we make it a general practice to refrain from drawing detailed pictures of the Messiah. It is our concern that we don't want our children to think of Messiah as having to look like a certain image just because that is how everyone draws Him. We want them to worship Him without doing so with a picture in their minds of what society tells them He is supposed to look like. Of course this is hard to do, with man's pictures of the Savior everywhere..... but we refrain from using these pictures in our books. You are welcome to contact us for more information on this. 7. We try to refrain from symbols. Please do not use heart symbols, peace signs, star of davids, or crosses in your artwork. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts on this. 7. Please encourage your children to be artistic and to do their best on their illustrations. Do not hesitate to be an active part of their artwork by giving them tips and teaching them artistic techniques, such as how to do interesting facial features, how to do pictures that look 3D, how to do a sideways view of a person, etc.

8. There is no age limit. Children of any age may participate in "Thou Hast Ordained Praise" books. Feel free to simplify the illustration ideas for very little artists. Please encourage children to do their very best, according to their individual abilities, but remember that we want "Thou Hast Ordained Praise" to be an opportunity for all ages, and we do not expect "perfect pictures". It is highly encouraged that children of all ages get involved. For very little children, do not hesitate to help them some. Some ideas for very little children who are not yet ready to draw on their own are 1) Trace their hands and feet and let them decorate them with markers. Completed hands and feet can be cut out and glued down on clean white sheets of paper. 2) Dip their hands and feet in paint and make hand or foot prints. 3) Direct them in using different colored markers to decorate a sheet of paper, and then cut pictures out of their colorful pages. Cut-out pictures can then be glued down on clean white sheets of paper.

9. "Thou Hast Ordained Praise" books can be illustrated by one child or by multiple children. A lovely brother-sister project is to have all the siblings in a family illustrate a book together, combining a variety of skill levels, techniques, and styles in one book.

10. Each story that is printed on our Stories Page has specific illustration instructions printed below it. Be sure to read these specific instructions before you begin illustrating a story.

11. Once you choose a story that you are interested in illustrating, please contact us and let us know which story you will be doing, that way we can discuss it together before you begin illustrating. 12. What about if there is someone in your family who is not a child, but who wants to illustrate a book? "Thou Hast Ordained Praise" is designed to give children of all ages the opportunity to illustrate books. We realize, of course though, that we are all children of the Heavenly Father, and we want to encourage every artist! If you are an adult with an artistic bent, and you want to illustrate a book, please do not hesitate to contact us about available options for adult artists.